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"The Additive Manufacturing Conference and @IMTS_2016 are right around the corner. To register click the link! https://t.co/Eghy7OQwcz"

"Met-L-Flo, Inc. has added a new machine. The ROMER absolute arm 3D scanner. Click the link to read our press release!https://t.co/zbbe0L1uLq"

"#Pokemon fun at the office via @thingiverse community. Design by @mizunoslove Pokemon Go Team Logos by Astrid2001 https://t.co/ACyxlmfyaN"

"Check out the helpful standards article by @CarlDekker from the @ASTMIntl Committee F42 on Additive Manufactuirng. https://t.co/1mYM1qu5vh"

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