"Closing Teen Tech Week, we interviewed one of our engineers. 👨‍💻 "I was really drawn to AM as it is becoming more p… https://t.co/VECr227tSZ"

"During teen tech week we wanted to highlight some of the workers here at Met-L-Flo. Initially, our Production Floor… https://t.co/4EmUNGpchD"

"It's #TeenTechWeek! 🧑‍💻💻 We miss all of our open house events and all of the wonderful past students who came to vi… https://t.co/m2I96u0sS7"

"Here are a couple of close-ups from our MJF PA12 GB sample parts. These were printed right off the machine and need… https://t.co/avK4BIuB02"

"Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) has many advantages like fast quotes and turnaround time. 🏃🔄 FDM is a great way to… https://t.co/MYCpHbCWpR"

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