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We delve deep into all things AM. We want to educate, inform, and interest you in different processes, materials, and the history of additive manufacturing. Our goal is to share the origin of AM and share how you can effectively use AM for your operations. We invite you to share this series, leave comments, and communicate different AM topics you would like to read about. 

Episode 1: Rapid Prototyping 

Dip your toes in additive manufacturing. This episode will give you a little info about this series and how it can improve your products, design, or operations. 

Episode 2: Rapid Prototyping and Materials Expansion

This episode starts to dive into 3D printing processes. See what an award winning AM piece looks like and some original 3D printing technologies that are still in use today.  

Episode 3: Rapid Prototyping Systems and The Rise of Tooling

Additive manufacturing is not only for plastics, but can be used with metal as well. Using the right material and technology is crucial for the right surface finish. Find out more about different technologies that have been used in additive manufacturing in this episode. 

Episode 4: Advanced Manufacturing Systems 

Learn about five different advanced manufacturing systems in this episode. One system can be used to restore or add additional support to already present parts, while another can be used to quickly build full-color 3D models. 

Episode 5: AIM and the Development of Direct Tooling

Read about the differences between rapid, conventional, direct, and indirect tooling. Discover the pros and cons to see how to apply each type of tooling. 

Episode 6: The Holy Grail of Direct Manufacturing

See how the industry fabricated components from CAD file to actual parts with Direct Digital Manufacturing(DDM). With DDM you can consolidate parts, save material, and even redesign your prototype.

Episode 7: The Low Hanging Fruit | Manufacturing Aids 

Manufacturing aids are crucial elements in the manufacturing process. Custom manufacturing aids can be the answer to some of your most frustrating problems. 

Episode 8: The Integration of Manufacturing Aids 

Successful repeatability with the same reliability is crucial when using manufacturing aids. They can be utilized during any step of manufacturing or post-processing. Read about how beneficial AM is when producing these manufacturing aids. 

Episode 9: Direct Metal Additive Manufacturing 

There are a variety of ways to produce parts with Direct Metal Additive Manufacturing, this episodes dives into three different metal additive processes. There is also a chance to win a free sample PBF part... 

Episode 10: Making Additive Manufacturing Wide Spread

Additive manufacturing grew in popularity in the early 2010's when patents on original AM technologies were ending. This skyrocketed the amount of individuals and companies utilizing additive technology. Due to the increased demand, there was an increasing need for the development of standards. Read about how current standards were created and current gaps in the standards. 

Episode 11: Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing is when both additive and traditional manufacturing capabilities are used to produce a part. Check out this episode to see how combining these approaches can help your production line. 

Episode 12: The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Where the future of additive manufacturing is going is still unknown. Additive has nuzzled its way into a variety of industries. Check out this episode to see where additive has grown in the past and where we think it may be heading. 

Manufacturing Month 2021 & Supply Chain Disruption Episode 1: 

October is Manufacturing Month! This month is all about education and we love educating those on all things AM. Check out this episode to see how additive manufacturing stepped in to help mitigate the effects of supply-chain disruptions. 

Supply Chain Disruption Episode 2: Parts on Demand 

Supply chain disruptions have negatively impacted the economy and the military. Check out this episode to see how the Marines got creative and started using portable hubs to create parts that were needed. 


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