Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is the name given to describe the varying technologies that contribute to building 3D objects. The process works by adding very thin layers on top of layers of material including: metal, concrete and plastic. Many of our manufacturing processes use this type of manufacturing, such as Direct Digital Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping and other layered manufacturing processes.

At Met-L-Flo, we use CAD or Computer Aided Drafting, which is commonly used in conjunction with layered manufacturing processes. The model or prototype is sketched up using CAD and then one of the additive manufacturing processes is implemented depending on the type of prototype and product you are looking for.

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The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Many of our prototyping and modeling implement additive manufacturing. Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM is a process in which the material is heated and produces a thin filament of thermoplastic to form parts layer by layer. This is great for custom prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Some of the benefits that come with additive manufacturing are it enables a design driven manufacturing process in which the design determines the production. It also allows for highly complex structures, which can be both lightweight and stable. One of the most beneficial parts of this form of manufacturing is that it allows for a high degree of freedom when it comes to design.

Met-L-Flo Manufacturing

Here at Met-L-Flo we offer a variety of manufacturing methods. These methods are design friendly and have a quick turnaround, to get the prototype in your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising the integrity of your design.

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