Carbon 3D printing service is regarded as the most advanced form of new manufacturing technologies. Its SpeedCell™ system and Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) technology delivers a breakthrough process that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish.
Met-L-Flo now offers end-use, isotropic parts and advanced material properties not previously offered in additive manufacturing through Carbon. Parts will now retain consistent strength throughout when force is applied in any direction to the mechanics of the part. Carbon allows for repeatability and is a solution for manufacturing. With the addition of our Carbon machine, we can now print in textures, colors, rigids, and elastomers!

Carbon 3D Printing Service Benefits:

There are multiple benefits of our Carbon 3D Printing Service including: 

  • Advanced material properties
  • Ability to print in texture, color, rigids, and elastomers
  • Creates an end-use part similar to that of injection molding
  • Allows for isotropic properties within the part
  • Repeatability
  • And more...

Carbon Case Study

Vitamix was looking to produce a durable microfluidic nozzle to rinse their commercial blenders in stores across the U.S. Their current solution was using traditional injection molding to design 6 pieces to assemble to create one part. The durability of each piece came into question and the ability to perform in environments with bleach and other sanitizers. Carbon and The Technology House introduced the solution of printing the Vitamix Rinse Nozzle and it was a massive success. It was 10x as durable, passing 1.5 million rinse cycles in field testing, proving the resistance to bleach and other sanitizers. Using 30% less material when using Carbon's RPU material. Carbon made this product 33% more economical for Vitamix. 

For more information on our Carbon 3D printing service? Email, or call us at 1-800-MET-L-FLO or (630) 409-9860 and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

Materials Offered:

While Carbon is continuously adding to their materials offered, these are some of the materials we currently print:

  • MPU - Medical Polyurethane
  • EPU - Elastomeric Polyurethane
  • RPU - Rigid Polyurethane
  • SIL - Silicone
  • FPU -Flexible Polyurethane
  • CE - Cyanate Ester
  • EPX - Epoxy
  • UMA - Urethane Methacrylate

Our Carbon 3D printing service offers yet another advanced capability that we can apply to your next manufacturing program! If you are interested in utilizing Carbon 3d printing service through Met-L-Flo or would like more information on Carbon, email, call us at 1-800-MET-L-FLO or (630) 409-9860 and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.



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