Product Design Consulting

Met-L-Flo Consulting Services

Product Design

We have skilled product design consultants that act as our customer service representatives that are able to work with you to bring your ideas and new product designs from conception to reality. We are well-versed in all the technologies and how to apply them to guarantee your success.

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Product Design


Where do you turn when you have a product idea but no way to take it to market? MET-L-FLO, INC. will work with you to model nearly any static or dynamic concept through our comprehensive approach: Discovery, Analysis, Optimization, & Integration.

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Product Design

Inspection & Metrology

Met-L-Flo is committed to providing our clients with the quality parts they expect. We customize the inspection of programs to fit the most stringent of requirements to the most basic fit checks to satisfy your needs.

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Supply Chain Disruption Relief

With the recent pandemic an other occurrences we know that the supply chain is just that, a chain, and links in the chain can weaken and break. Met-L-Flo is equipped to be a temporary or long term solution for your low volume production needs. 

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