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Product Design

Global Solutions

We are a member of the Research Consultants Group for additive manufacturing (3D Printing), and global solutions with a mature supply chain. The Group studies data for business and technology factors to determine the desired time and condition and geographical locations for using 3D printing in combination with global supply chain management resources. The Group analyses may include reviews of current international business legal issues (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret) and global trade Issues (tariff, duties).

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Product Consultation and Direction

We invite the public to submit questions about intellectual property (patent infringement, copyright infringement, and product liability). This includes questions about international trade, duties, and tariffs. We help you make your own newly designed part to replace a defective part. As demand in your sector grows we arrange to make your newly improved designed parts in production according to your market demand.

We help you ramp up your manufacturing needs per your market demand to increase product success and organizational financial independence. This approach involves and includes all types of advanced manufacturing in synergy with the most effective sourcing options.


For a chapter by chapter listing of the harmonized tariff schedule and general notes click here.

Use this to learn correct custom tariff classification for your imported or exported goods. 

Product Design

Engineered Product Concept to Production

Applying advanced manufacturing techniques to your projects can be very challenging. When limited resources are preventing proper solution implementation, our team can assist to make your product a reality. Not just a reality but also a cost-effective and efficient product production. 

In synergy with our consulting services, we can help make your design successful from concept to a managed growth production. This managed growth production approach maximizes your return on investment and minimizes your exposed risk.  

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Product Design

Inspect and Control What You Expect at Every Step 

Met-L-Flo is committed to providing our clients with the quality parts they expect. We customize the inspection of programs to fit the most stringent of requirements to the most basic fit checks to satisfy your needs. This is the origin of our confirmation of quality. After years of experience, we have learned how to implement controls at every step.

These controls remove the question, the possibility, and the probability of waste. This is the known waste to the hidden profit killers. When every second of production is controlled it becomes easy to identify the quality vampire's that feed on your profit. We prevent these vampires from getting into your productivity. We apply these techniques to our processes and can also help you in a program or product-specific applications.  

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