Custom Jigs & Fixtures

Specialized problems require specialized solutions. Custom jigs and fixtures could be the solution you are looking for. Small, detailed edges in a part could be broken or damaged during any stage of the production process by human manipulation. Mitigate this risk by creating a custom jig or fixture to limit the amount of human interaction with the parts. Jigs and fixtures are used to make the manufacturing and assembly process simple, reliable, and fast. Custom engineered jigs and fixtures are designed for the highest level of productivity. 

At Met-L-Flo, Inc., we know not all jigs and fixtures are alike, which is why our design team wants to work with you to get it right. Jigs and fixtures are used in a variety of industries like automotive, medical, aerospace, or even manufacturing.

Photos Courtesy of Stratasys

"Specialized Problems Require Specialized Solutions."

So, What is a Jig? Fixture?

A jig is a custom-made tool used to control the location and/or motion of another tool. While a fixture is a custom-made tool that is used to hold a part in a fixed location. They are used during multiple steps of the manufacturing process; assembly, inspection, engineering, testing, etc. 

Photos Courtesy of Stratasys

Why use Custom Jigs and Fixtures?

Jigs and fixtures save on lead time and costs. They help streamline the process and optimize your storage space by being stored digitally. This digital inventory allows for simple and quick duplication or revisions to your design.

Custom jigs and fixtures are designed for function, part consolidation, and performance. Designing jigs and fixtures lightweight, with sensors, holes, or instructions integrated allows for organic shapes and fewer parts needed. 

Using the right processes and materials is crucial to an effective jig or fixture. Figure out which AM process is best for your jig or fixture by consulting with one of our experts by giving us a call at 1-800-MET-L-FLO. Or simply fill out the contact form on the bottom of the page and we will respond shortly. 

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