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We have skilled Program Managers that can work with you to bring your ideas and new products from conception to reality. We are well versed in all the technologies and how to apply them to guarantee your success. Our expertise in prototypes and low volume production has enabled us to work on numerous designs and geometries that exponentially expand our experience and understandings.

Product Design

We strive to meet your needs and will work with you from 3D concept to prototype, to low volume production ensuring that your ideas become reality. We can assist in product modifications as well as virtual and physical product testing. This is done through simulations or laboratory testing to define properties relating to strength, pressure, or impact testing. We have a detailed knowledge of the materials available industry-wide. If you are unsure of what path to take or what material to use, we can advise throughout your product modification phase to production.

When uncertainty is slowing your project down, our precision can speed things back up.

When uncertainty is slowing your project down, our precision can speed things back up. Often short-run prototypes or production runs are used to test how a certain part will work in large scale projects without the heavy financial investment. If there are issues with your product development we can work with you to make it functional.

We have project managers that can help you bring your project from idea to full product development to reality while keeping costs down and quality up. We will assist in the evolution of your product design with ideas for enhancements that you may embrace as appropriate. Let us know how we can help with your next product.

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