Bridge Tooling 

Met-L-Flo Pre-production solutions 

The Met-L-Flo team is well-versed in aiding clients with bridging the gap for production needs. Whether the need stems from needing to check fit and function, doing a test run of a product, or scaling up production, Met-L-Flo is here to provide the solution.


Met-L-Flo delivers expertise in low to mid-volume production. With over 30 years of service, we can utilize our casting technologies to be used for your bridge tooling needs. Let us save you both, time and money before large production tooling fees. We understand the urgency of efficiently getting your parts to market. Utilizing Castings for bridge tooling allows for low-volume manufacturing for design validation, marketing test evaluations, and end-use parts. 

Injection Molding 

Met-L-Flo's high-volume production capabilities are selective to the program and needs. We understand your time, money, and programs are valuable, so we help make sure that Injection Molding is the right process for you before you invest. The high cost can equal a high reward we want to help make sure that you will be encoring that high reward and not just a high cost. 


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