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Quality Manufacturing Service 

At Met-L-Flo our goal is to build relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service and quality parts that you can trust. When it comes to our primary applications we work with these processes regularly and have been for a long time. Look and see which of our primary processes will be the best for your program! 

SLS-Selective Laser Sintering; This powder bed fusion process requires minimal finishing, is a great option for hollow 3D printed parts, and is a great option for show pieces.

SLA- Stereolithography;  This additive manufacturing process produces great parts for marketing, fit and function testing, and secondary tooling applications. 

MJF- Multi Jet Fusion; This powder bed fusion process requires minimal finishing, is a great option for fully functional parts, and is perfect for fit and function testing. 

MJP- Multi Jet Printing; This additive manufacturing process produces small highly detailed parts that do not require additional finishing.  

FDM-Fused Deposition Modeling; This additive manufacturing process produced parts that hold up to extreme environments and are great for end-use parts. 

CNC-Computer Numeric Control; This machining process removes material to form parts and is perfect for simple geometries.

Casting; This additive-enabled process is the most versatile and has a range of sub-processes.

Vacuum Forming; This additive-enabled process thermo-forms the thinnest walled parts that can be produced in large quantities. 



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