MJF-Multi Jet Fusion 

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Multi Jet Fusion is a great and comparable option when choosing a 3D printing process. This process is the perfect solution for a variety of problems.

For example: 

  • Complex End-Use Parts
  • Form, Fit, and Function Testing
  • Full Functioning Parts. 
  • Low Volume Production

At Met-L-Flo our clients who use MFJ for their parts come from a range of industries including but not limited to: 

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Parts

Multi Jet Fusion or MJF is a powder bed fusion (PBF) process. When printing a part, or multiple parts, they do not need added support because the powder acts as the build material and the support. This is possible due to a fusing agent and a detailing agent being jetted into the nylon powder bed layer by layer. This causes the material to harden and maintain the geometry being laid out by the added agents. More powder is then dispersed onto the bed and the process repeats until the parts are done.

MJF Capabilities 

This process can turn parts around within a day or two depending on the size of the print and the finishing requested. Because the parts produced do not have any overhang, there is minimal to no processing required after printing. Excess powder is removed from the part and it is finished,MJF part built in one piece unless additional processing is requested. These higher levels of finishing are available at additional rates. Parts that are produced provide the structural durability of traditional thermoplastics.

MJF can allow for fully functioning assemblies to be built in one piece depending on the geometry and the design itself. Because these parts are built layer by layer it allows for connections to be created with the space needed to allow for movement. The image to the right was printed in MJF. When the dial on the side has turned the pistons inside move up and down. This allows for functioning models to be printed in one piece. 

If you are interested to see how our Multi-Jet Fusion and powder bed fusion technology can assist you on your next project give us a call at (630)409-9860 or email us at info@metlflo.com

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