MJP- Multi Jet Printing

Met-L-Flo 3D Printing Services

MJP is a great solution to a variety of production problems you might be facing. 

For example:

  • Highly Detailed Pieces
  • Marketing Quality Parts
  • Production Finishing 
  • Secondary Tooling
  • Trade Show Display Pieces

There are many industries we work with that utilize our MJP technology including but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Defense
  • Electronic Housing
  • Medical Devices

MJP is a 3D printing process that prints in layers from top to bottom. Material is jetted according to the 3D digital image. Wax is jetted around the material to control and maintain smooth side walls. The polymer is passed over by a UV lamp to allow the material to harden. Custom Prototypes Chicago

MJP is the perfect solution for detailed parts. With the ability to print at 32 microns, we can capture the smallest detail. MJP uses dissolvable supports, this helps maintain detail as well as cuts down on finishing. Thus decreasing finishing costs as well as the time it takes to be sent off. Dissolvable supports also allow for tighter geometry with less distortion.

We offer a variety of materials and durometers to accommodate the requirements of any program with precision and accuracy. If you are interested to see how our MJP technology can assist you on your next project give us a call at (630)409-9860 or email us at info@metlflo.com.

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