3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

Met L Flo Inc. offers professionally designed and finished 3D Printing services. Our 3D printing includes both the design or improvement of digital models but also the 3D printed product itself. We can mass produce 3D printed parts with our 3D printing capabilities or export various iterations of a prototype for testing and development. Our printing is available in a variety of materials that can be designated based on the specifications of the part and the materials required.

If a 3D model or digital design doesn’t exist, you can bring us an existing part and we can scan, model, and refine a digital model for you to be reproduced with any adjustments added. The printing process consists of multiple layers being “printed” along a single axis of a product allowing any negative space for additional parts, open spaces for plumbing, even threading for attachment or fastening.

For more information on 3D services, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.MET.L.FLO (800.638.5356) or fill out the simple form along the right and one of our staff members will reach out to you as soon as they are available.

3D Printing for Every Stage of A Product

The prototyping and finishing services at Met L Flo Inc. carry over into the 3D printing services as well. We can have multiple prototypes output to show various materials, different scales, cross-sections, based on a digital model featuring a cross-section, and finished usable parts.

3D Printing Finishes

If you are unsure of the finish or the material that should be used for your 3D printed part, ask our staff and we would be happy to make helpful recommendations based on the application and the stage of the product development you are seeking. You may want to consider multiple materials and have options to present and discuss with your parts development team.

Here are the finishing options we offer.

Basic 3D Print Finish Options:
Supports removed and lightly sanded exterior
Applications: Form, fit, and function

Basic Plus 3D Print Finish Options:
Uniform exterior surface
Applications: Design Review

Mold Ready 3D Print Finish Options:
Smooth visual, primed A surface
Applications: Patterns for molding, parts for painting, plating, or print transfers

Premium 3D Print Finish Options:
Smooth interior and exterior, and documented specifications
Applications: Functional end use components

Photo Ready 3D Print Finish Options:
Entire part will be polished (water clear/transparent when applicable)
Applications: Lenses, transparent covers for monitoring or training models, lighting studies and preproduction samples

Custom 3D Print Finish Options:
Used to create production-like parts, with the ability to simulate virtually any material surface, as well as a wide variety of special requests
Applications: Focus groups, trade shows, and marketing campaigns

Secondary Processes 3D Print Finish Options:
Machining, Inspections, Heat treating, Vacuum plating, Radiographs, Electroplating, Labels, Decals, and many more.

The options for finishes are extensive and we can recommend variations for specific purposes as needed.

Scalable Services

Met L Flo Inc. offers our 3D printing services in both prototyping single and multiple parts to full production runs. We can do small, medium, and large scale 3D printed parts from a single part to hundreds or even thousands if needed.

Start Your 3D Printing Project Today

To get started on a 3D Printing project with Met L Flo Inc for one or more parts, contact us now at 1.800.MET.L.FLO (800.638.5356). You can also reach out to us through our easy-to-use form along the right. One of our staff members can collect information based on your submission and get back to you with everything you request.


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