Custom Prototypes

Custom PrototypesMet-L-Flo, Inc., bridges the gap between prototyping and production, turning your conceptual designs into touchable custom prototypes.

Make Met-L-Flo your trusted partner with custom prototypes to help make your next program the incredible success you want and deserve.

Call 1-800-MET-L-FLO now and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives to request a quote for custom prototypes from the industry experts at Met-L-Flo, Inc.

Custom Prototypes from Trusted Experts

When you are navigating the proper application of today’s technologies, you need a trusted partner who has a passion for the industry. Met-L-Flo will help bridge the gap between prototype and production with custom prototypes using direct digital manufacturing designed to help you achieve success.

Let Met-L-Flo, Inc., design and create the custom prototypes to your specifications and needs.

  • SLA-Stereolithography: A 3D computer aided design (CAD) file is sliced into layers. Rapid custom prototypes are hardened with a laser, adding layers to create a 3D part.
  • SLS-Selective Laser Sintering: Uses similar concepts to SLA by building a part one layer at a time, but instead of polymerization of a liquid resins it sinters, or melts, a plastic powder. Turnaround for parts from concept to model can be hours instead of days.
  • FDM-Fused Deposition Modeling: The deposition produces a part from your supplied 3D designs by depositing a thin bead of thermoplastic material resulting in a durable part. FDM has become an ideal process for direct manufacture of assembly jigs and fixtures.
  • Direct Metals: Complex metal parts produced quickly and accurately.
  • Machining: When you have a material specification you need with high precision accuracy, and production-grade finishes.
  • Castings: Production-like parts save time and money and we can simulate nearly all production material properties quickly.
  • Metal Castings: Met-L-Flo, Inc., has decades of experience in investment, rubber plaster and sand castings, and our advanced technologies can quickly transform your design from CAD to part.
  • Rotational Molding/Casting: Create hollow prototypes essential for bottles, tanks, bladders, tubes and more.
  • Vacuum Forming: Vacuum forming and pressure forming tooling is easier and faster to produce than production tooling.
  • Composites & Fiber Reinforced Plastics: The advancement of the materials and building technologies allows you to concentrate on the advancement of your designs.
  • Finishes for Additive and Casting: Finishes from a basic, fit and function surface, to a custom painted, metalized, textured, tinted or water clear surface.

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Call 1-800-MET-L-FLO now and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives to request a quote for custom prototypes from the industry experts at Met-L-Flo, Inc.

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