Rotational Molded Prototypes

Prototype Rotational Molding

For rotomolded prototype services, Met L Flo can mold and cast your model or part and create fast, cost-effective products and parts for development and improvement. Our state-of-the-art facility can accommodate small to large pieces and we can provide castings in multiple materials to best suit your desired finish. When developing parts or products, the prototype rotational molding process can produce urethane molds that can be painted or coated in metal to look for the final product that can be completed in metal.

For more information on prototype rotational molding services, contact Met L Flo today at 1.800.MET.L.FLO or fill out the simple form on the right and one of our staff members will reach out to you as soon as we can. You can also email us anytime at and we will respond shortly.

What are Rotomolded prototypes?

Prototype rotational molding can be helpful in product development to make physical changes to the piece and then recast it. A rotomolded prototype is also helpful to determine the best material to use for the final molding of a part or product. Each rotomolded prototype can be sanded, textured, even installed to best suit the application before finalizing the prototype.

Our state-of-the-art facility can accommodate small to large pieces

Rotational molded prototypes involve molding of a part or product and then a liquid material can be introduced into the prototype mold and constantly rotated. The liquid material coats the inside of the prototype mold and creates a hollow casting. Since these rotomolded prototypes are hollow, material cost becomes much less expensive compared to a solid casting of the same material.
The desired thickness of the material will determine the volume of material that gets introduced into the prototype rotational molding and will also affect the set time.

Types of Rotomolded Prototypes

One rotational molding type involves a chemical reaction of urethane or polymer with two parts that when combined, heat up and solidify into a hardened material. The chemical reaction causes the heat so no external heat source is necessary. Another common rotational molding type is thermoplastic that involves heating a mold in an oven to melt the material that is introduced. Powders or beads can be placed in the rotomolded prototype that when heated up in an oven create a liquid that can be rotated bi-axially to coat the inside of the mold.

Rotational molded prototypes can be helpful in product development to make physical changes to the piece and then recast it

Both prototype rotational molding types are effective and produce great products. The design flexibility of prototype rotational molding allows for complex geometry to be captured by a model and then cast in the molding process without repeated fabrication.

Additional Rotational Molded Prototype References

Rotational molding is also known as roto casting or rotomolding. Once the rotomolded prototype has been heated and rotated, it can be cooled naturally with time or introduced into a cooling system. A cooling process expedites the production time for a rotational molded prototype making it very appealing.

Stress-free parts are one of the biggest appeals of the prototype rotational molding, should it be damaged or have an imperfection it can be corrected and a replacement can be cast without any further fabrication besides what was needed.

Get Started on Your Rotomolded Prototype

To get started on your rotomolded prototype or project with Met L Flo, give us a call now at 1.800.MET.L. FLO (800.632.5356). We welcome you to also fill out our easy-to-use form to the right and give as much detail as possible and one of our associates will collect the information and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Or email us anytime at

We look forward to working with you on your prototype rotational molding project.

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