Silicone Molding in Chicago

Silicone Molding in Chicago

Met L Flo Inc. offers silicone molding services to reproduce parts and pieces from a model in solid castings in a variety of materials that can eventually become the final manufactured part or for use in developing a prototype. Met L Flo Inc. has customers throughout the entire United States but we are proudly based just outside of Chicago.

Being a leader in the silicone molding industry and the rapid prototype market, we love being right in the heart of the country in one of the most popular cities in the world, Chicago. Our silicone molding experts will work with you to find the best material for the casting as well as the proper durometers for production based on materials that you intend to cast.

To speak to someone about Silicone Moldings contact Met L Flo Inc. today at (630)409-9860. Otherwise, fill out the easy-to-use form along the right and one of our staff will get back to you with more information on silicone molding as soon as we can. You can also email us anytime at

Silicone Molding Materials

There is a purpose for every material we use in silicone molding from durability, strength, flexibility, even finish. There is a process that needs to take place to determine the best type of silicone molding to utilize and our staff can walk you through the steps so you get the best final product possible. Here are the materials we use in castings from silicone moldings:

  • Urethanes
  • Silicones
  • Elastomers
  • Epoxy
  • Wax

Each with its own unique qualities and advantages but overall, silicone moldings can have similar benefits like:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Production Material Properties
  • Multiple Finishes
  • 0-40 Parts Per Tool
  • Show Ready Parts
  • Castings in All Durometers (Shore 00, A, D)

Most Common Types of Silicone Molds

For each part produced with silicone molding services from Met L Flo Inc. there is a consideration of the application of the part. Is it a show piece or a functional piece? The application of a silicone molded part as well as the shape of the piece will determine what type of mold you need and the material for the casting. The two most common types of silicone moldings are a one-part or two-part silicone molding. For intricate detailed objects on all sides or longer objects being molded, a two-part mold can be created to ease the release of the mold by utilizing a seam.

A one-part silicone molding would be appropriate for flatter pieces that have a bottom or a completely flat side. One-sided silicone moldings will have materials poured in with an unfinished or flat side where. Two-part silicone moldings can be used on both solid castings and hollow parts or rotational castings. Rotational castings are achieved by introducing small amounts of the material being molded, like urethanes or waxes and rotating the mold on all axes to coat the silicone molding but remain hollow on the inside.

Silicone Molding Prepping & Finishing

To produce the best possible casting from a silicone molding, the prototype or model being molded should be finished to the highest quality possible. Met L Flo Inc. offers both prototyping and finishing services to help get the finish you request reflected in the silicone moldings. Every imperfection, every texture will come through in the silicone molding process. The less finish work on the castings for sanding, polishing or flashing will improve production time and reduce cost dramatically.

Get Started on Your Next Silicone Molding Part with Us

For more information on silicone molding services from Met L Flo Inc. call us now at (630)409-9860 or fill out the short form along the right and we will get back to you shortly. You can also email us anytime at

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