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SLA Prototypes

Here at Met-L-Flo, we have been offering a variety of 3D printing and scanning services for over 25 years. Among the many methods of 3D printing, we offer include Stereolithography (SLA). Stereolithography or SLA has been used for additive manufacturing since it can produce complex parts quickly. Stereolithography is a great choice for complex prototypes because it can print intricate geometries with extreme precision. SLA rapid prototyping and parts can have a multitude of finishes. It is ideal to use SLA for low volume or single-run production. 

If you are in need of SLA Rapid Prototyping services or would like more information on Stereolithography, call the 3D printing and scanning experts at Met-L-Flo today at (630)409-9860. You can also fill out the quick contact form on the right and one of our knowledgeable representatives will get back to you shortly.

Quality SLA Prototypes

SLA rapid prototyping begins with a 3D image. Then, the prototype is built layer by layer from bottom to top in a tank of liquid polymer. When the ultraviolet laser strikes the polymer, it hardens. Then, a blade sweeps over the build, applying a thin layer of material over it so the laser can strike it again and keep building the part. Cavities and overhangs automatically generate while the model builds. Once the build is complete, it is cleaned and then cured in an ultraviolet oven. During the cleaning process, the excess support material and resin is removed and cleaned off before curing. SLA Rapid Prototyping is used in many industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer appliance
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Medical devices
  • Electronic housings
  • And many more

Here at Met-L-Flo, we have the capacity to do SLA rapid prototyping around the clock in our manufacturing facility.

We are able to offer a variety of materials to accommodate programs with strict requirements for precision and accuracy. We have the ability to produce quality and complex SLA prototypes or tooling masters of your Direct Digital Manufacturing designs quickly. SLA parts can have a sleek surface finish, visual clarity, and thin but accurate walls. 

Stereolithography (SLA) prototypes are great for silicone molds and as a secondary tooling application like investment casting and Rubber Plastic Molding.

Benefits of SLA Rapid Prototyping

There are multiple benefits of Stereolithography (SLA) including:

  • Fast quote
  • Fast turnaround
  • High surface finish 
  • Production Finishing with PMS matches
  • Multiple materials available
  • Moisture and heat resistance  
  • Material characteristics of thermoplastics

SLA is ideal for master patterns, phase 1-final prototypes, fit and function tests, or even presentation models. We also provide consulting services for product design, engineering, and inspection & metrology. If you have any questions about SLA Rapid Prototyping or would like more information on all of our 3D printing services, call us today at (630)409-9860. Or simply fill out the contact form on the right and we will respond shortly.

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