SLS Prototypes in Chicago

sls prototypes in Chicago

At Met-L-Flo Inc., we offer a wide variety of 3D printing and scanning services and methods to turn your conceptual design into a prototype for over 25 years. One of our many methods we use to develop custom prototypes is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). SLS prototypes in Chicago are great for low volume production and Direct Digital Manufacturing.

For more information on Selective Laser Sintering and SLS prototypes or if you are in need of consulting services for product design, engineering, or inspection and metrology, call us today at 1-800-MET-L-FLO. You can also fill out the contact form on the right and one of our knowledgeable associates will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom SLS Prototypes in Chicago

The SLS process melts a powdered resin with a laser and builds the parts layer by layer. The nylon powder options available allow for durability, flexibility, and functionality. Selective Laser Sintering is great for hollow parts and unlike other additive processes, SLS parts build free of support. The resin itself becomes a natural support and any excess powder is shaken out of the interior.

SLS prototypes perform well in real world testing and applications. This is the perfect process for additive manufacturing applications and allows you to produce end use parts. SLS has a wide range of finishes, coatings, and materials available. There are numerous benefits to SLS prototypes in Chicago including:

  • Fast quote
  • Hollow Prototypes (bottles or tanks)
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Special additive coating for fuel tank applications
  • Ideal for snap fits, living hinges, or high heat applications
  • Multiple filled and unfilled nylon materials available

End Use SLS Prototypes in Chicago

If you need a real world prototype for low volume production or for hollow parts, SLS prototypes are ideal for your design concept. For more information on SLS prototypes in Chicago or if you are in need of consulting services, call the experts at Met-L-Flo Inc. today at 1-800-MET-L-FLO. Or simply fill out the contact form to the right and we will respond shortly.

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